Non Profit of the Month

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Rakki Inu Akita Rescue
Since it’s the month of love. We thought that we should share an organization that is doing some amazing work. Welcome to the Neighborhoods has been donating to various organizations over the past few years with money from our sales, and we will continue to support great organizations like them in the future. Check them out if you get a chance and share some love with them if you can. 
The story…
In 2015 a kind police officer in McDonough found a two month old Akita puppy left in a ditch with a shattered pelvis. The officer took the poor guy to a vet who didn’t see any hope of recovery. Fortunately for him, Rakki Inu Akita Rescue stepped in and paid for his surgery and rehab. This dog was Benny, our office dog. He’s been part of the Welcome to the Neighborhoods team since day one, and has become the walking definition of the American dream, working his way up from security guard to director of barketing. 
On a serious note though, you should definitely head to the Rakki Inu site and read all of the amazing stories of the dogs they’ve rescued over the years, but we’ll give you a fair warning, you might end up with one of those furry guys yourself. And before we forget, let us know if you know of any amazing nonprofits or organizations in your neighborhood that are doing great work. We would love to hear about them, give back, and share the love.

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