My name is Caleb Morris, I'm an illustrator living in Atlanta, GA. Over the years, I've illustrated projects for a lot of different companies. Bottle labels for Blue Moon Beer and Mountain Dew, a series of one-of-a-kind Reebok shoes and more. All of these were fun but the biggest project I've worked on started out as a couple of Atlanta neighborhood drawings that was never supposed to be anything at all. 

I started drawing these as a way to learn more about the cities I lived in/visited and as the series got more popular, I just kept drawing more and more of them. Now they're in stores from New York City to Seattle and Costa Rica! At last count, there were close to 70 different prints and a growing list of cities waiting to be drawn. 

Every neighborhood is its own little world, with unique things only people there might know about. I tried to convey that in these prints and give people a fun way to rep their neighborhoods. Hopefully, when you see your town, you'll recognize places that mean something to you. 

Feel free to email me or tag me in your posts, I love to see where these prints end up living. 

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. 


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